38 Ways to Listen to a Wice Fapes Song (to be practiced without moderation)

OK, so I promise i’ll get down to the nitty gritty ASAP as possible; we all just LOVE these list thingies, I know.  A fair warning: Wice Fapes songs have been found by the State of California in some instances to illicit joy and smiling, and in some cases, feelings that one might not have known they had.  So just, please, proceed with caution.

And so, without much ado about nothing…

38 Ways To Listen to a Wice Fapes Song:

  1. On a bus (sorry dad)
  2. Just because
  3. In the rain
  4. On a train
  5. In disdain (of course not, it just rhymes..)
  6. In a fuss
  7. Standing up
  8. Running down?
  9. Secretly (no way- tell the world!)
  10. Indefinitely
  11. Defiantly
  12. On repeat
  13. Doing a snooze
  14. Doing a laundry (but just one)
  15. While making a list
  16. While clenching a fist
  17. While doing the twist
  18. While getting the gist (so much multitasking, right?)
  19. On a Saturday
  20. When it’s moderate outside (whatever that means?)
  21. In a paddle boat
  22. Over a root beer float
  23. Playing with a baby goat
  24. With your eyes close (thought that was gonna rhyme?)
  25. With your eyes far away (thought that last one was a typo) (it was at first, just rolling with the punches here)
  26. With friends
  27. With enemies question mark? (you don’t have enemies you little angel)
  28. Upside down (hey, your balance is impressive!)
  29. Late at night
  30. In front of a fire
  31. Backwards
  32. …Then forwards again
  33. In the shower
  34. On the hour
  35. Happy hour?
  36. Strobe lights!
  37. Skydiving
  38. Immediately

So you’ve made it to the end of this really very profound list, and now you’re wondering, “Great! But how can I possibly embark on this massive undertaking?” It’s overwhelming.  You want to apply these practices immediately.  Trust me, I know- me too!

Here’s a nice starting place, it’s a new song called How Heavy It Can Weigh.  Not too loud, not too soft, not too anything really, but also just very much a lot of things at the same time, somehow.  It’s a secret, I wish I could tell you more.  But I think at this point, you’ll just have to listen.  It’s gonna be a great place to start.  I hope you enjoy it, and I also hope you tell your friends, and tell those friends to tell their friends.  And hey, while you’re here, why not sign up for some free music and updates on the site?  I know, it’s just so convenient right?

Now press play and close your eyes ya big goofball! (or better yet, play it on your favorite streaming platform so it doesn’t look like I’m the only one listening to this stuff)