Emmys 14th Honors Presentation

Thrilled to have composed for this beautiful Emmys Honors piece. What a wonderful way to acknowledge the positive impact that these amazing people are creating in the world.

Watch HERE

EQUATIC Film Music Album Release


My first official release of film music is coming!

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38 Ways to Listen to a Wice Fapes Song (to be practiced without moderation)

OK, so I promise i’ll get down to the nitty gritty ASAP as possible; we all just LOVE these list thingies, I know.  A fair warning: Wice Fapes songs have been found by the State of California in some instances to illicit joy and smiling, and in some cases, feelings that one might not have known they had.  So just, please, proceed with caution.

And so, without much ado about nothing…

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Thirsty Pigeons

It’s been a pleasure to orchestrate, record and produce the amazing music for the Thirsty Pigeons.  It’s such a funny, quirky, surprising musical that I truly enjoyed working on and watching.  The entire show is available here!



Music of the month Project!

I have launched a new project


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Single Release!

New Single by my solo project Wice Fapes out now! Click here or look for it  wherever you listen to music.

Solo Project Release!

Found Footage”- Wice Fapes

A side project of mine, Wice Fapes, releases the first full-length album “Found Footage.”  I wrote, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered this record over the course of about 2 and a half years, as a way to gain experience in all fields of the music recording process, and show myself, definitively, what I am capable of.

I am considering where this will go in the future (perhaps forming a band around these songs and performing them), but for now, it stands as a complete work in its recorded form, and an avenue for all my non-film related music.


Check it out wherever you listen to music- it’s available everywhere.

For more info, click here

Cine’s Marvin Hamlisch Scoring Contest

I am excited to announce that I have placed 3rd in an international contest of over 500 composers from 50 different countries!

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.29.00 AM



Awaiting The Light


Take a listen and check your volume… (i.e. crank it up)
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Studio Ensemble Concert

This is the orchestra hired by the Media Comp. department at CSUN for the culmination of the Spring semester- chock full of incredibly talented and amazing people.  I had a great time working with them.  This is a piece I wrote, called “Smile on the Surface.”