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          Jesse Bouvier is a Los Angeles based composer specializing in music for film and television. Originally from the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, he studied music at the University of Arizona in Tucson before transferring to California State University, Northridge. Jesse was awarded Outstanding Media Composition Student upon graduation from CSUN in 2015, under the direction of Elizabeth Sellers. During that time, he was fortunate to intern for Gregg Lehrman at Output Inc., which has grown to become a leader in music technology. He earned credits on several shows while at Output, and aided in various music submissions, but one of the greatest gifts that this internship afforded Jesse, in conjunction with classes, was the appreciation for the art of music production.

          Jesse’s passion for music began at the age of 5, which is the same year that he won a composition contest on the piano. In 6th grade his music teachers playfully referred to him as “the professor.” Piano served as a vehicle for classical theory, but joining the jazz band on saxophone pushed those boundaries. He also learned guitar, which pushed his ear training, and led Jesse to pursue learning many other instruments.

          While his experience with music had always been compositional, theoretical, and orchestrational, Jesse became obsessed with recording during those first years in Los Angeles. Using the various instruments that he had collected, he embraced the value of being able to realize a complete piece of music, from composing the first note, to exporting the final mixed recording. Recently, Jesse has composed music for the Television Academy’s Emmy’s awards, DC Entertainment, as well as various short films and advertisements. In addition to film scoring, he has created a solo project called Wice Fapes, in which he explores other genres of contemporary music and recording, also with film and television placements in mind. He is currently in the final recording stages of a full length album for a new contemporary alternative blues project: & Again.

          While a great majority of the time Jesse can be found in his studio, he also enjoys spending time in nature, in the forms of biking, running and hiking, camping, surfing, playing frisbee, and many other activities. He is on a bowling team, has a rescue puppy named Ocho, and visits his parents in Flagstaff every chance he gets.

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